NYE – What to Wear

Since this is a vintage-inspired 1940s swing era event, we encourage our guests to have fun and dress up! At the bottom of this page, we’ll list out a bunch of local Seattle places for shopping.


We suggest the following as ideas of what to wear:

  • Men in suits, tuxedos
  • If not a suit, then a pair of dress slacks, button down shirt, necktie or bowtie
  • Fancy dresses, gowns, etc
  • Lady suits are fab, too!
  • Gloves, sparkly jewelry… have fun with it!


And don’t forget to visit our fabulous NYE photobooth, located upstairs in the balcony!


Below are some images to give you inspiration on outfits to ring in the New Year.

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Some examples of what attendees wore last year:

Great LOCAL Seattle stores for shopping:

  • Pretty Parlor – Wonderful Capitol Hill vintage shop. Killer dresses and mens suits.
  • Trove Vintage – Fabulous boutique in Ballard. I believe it’s all womens wear only.
  • Lucky Vintage – Great vintage shop in the U-District – plenty of mens and womens wear
  • Valley of Roses Boutique – Great little vintage shop in the U District
  • Nordstrom – if you wanna go a bit fancier, Nordstrom has some killer stuff
  • Amazon.comthere are actually a lot of great NYE vintage style gowns on Amazon for very decent prices
  • Atlas Clothinggood selection in the heart of Fremont