Event FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions



Will there be a bar?
Is it New Year’s Eve? Of course, we’ll have a fabulous bar, run by Savoy Swing Club!!

And because we have a bar, we expect all patrons to drink responsibly. We know it’s NYE, but be aware of your limits. The bartender(s) retain the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be overly intoxicated.

Please also plan your ride to/from the event responsibly, planning for either Lyft/Uber/Streetcar/Designated-Driver-Friends to escort you, if you plan on drinking. We love you, and thank you for your responsibility!

Also, please watch out for each other. Let your friend know if you think they’re not sober enough to drive, and please take their car keys from them and let us know if you need help finding them an alternative safe way home.

Drink Tickets will be sold (by Savoy Swing Club) at the registration check-in table.
And please remember to tip our incredible bar staff!!!


Hibiscus Gin Fizz
Gin, Lemon, Egg White, Hibiscus Simple, Soda, Mint

Old Fashioned
Rye, Bitters, Simple, Soda, Orange Peel

Mexicali Mule
Tequila, Ginger Beer, Lime

Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry, Lime

Dark and Stormy
Dark Rum, Ginger Beer, Lime

La Rosette
Saint Germaine, Champagne, Strawberry

El Macúa
White Rum, Guava, Simple, Lemon

Is this event 21+?
Yes, as we are allowing our attendees to drink alcohol throughout the event’s space, it is 21+ only.

Will there be food?
Yes! If you purchase our VIP ticket, you’ll receive more of a gourmet selection during our first hour.

— Chorizo and Goat Cheese Bruschetta
— Pesto Tort Skewers
— Fruit Tray
— Stuffed Sweet Baby Bells
— Mini Baked Potatoes with Ricotta Sour Cream and Chives
— Dark Chocolate Mousse
— Coffee Bar

IF you aren’t purchasing a VIP ticket, there will still be some free light tasty snacks around the space throughout the evening (but once these are gone, they’re gone). Please plan on eating a well balanced and full dinner beforehand if you are just purchasing a general ticket.


Is there a dress code?
The only real “dress code” is not to show up in jeans and sneakers (not that we think you would for a NYE party, after all).
Fancify yourself and have some fun with it! It’s New Year’s Eve, after all – the biggest chance of the year to get dressed up – to whatever level of fanciness that means for you!

For more suggestions on what to wear, check out our Pinterest Page!


Do I have to know how to swing dance to attend?

Come on out, Hepcats!

Come on out, Hepcats! Lesson at 8:30!

NO WAY! Whether you’re a swing music enthusiast who’d just like to hang out, someone who’d like to dabble in dancing and take our lesson, or a seasoned pro-rugcutter – EVERYONE and ANYONE is welcome to attend! There will be entertainment for everyone throughout the evening!

Who can take the drop-in lesson?
Anyone and EVERYONE!
Bring your friends to the event – this is a low-stress, fun, complete beginner dance lesson, and will keep you swingin’ throughout the ENTIRE evening, all night long!

Do I need a partner to take the lesson?
Not at all!
The instructors will rotate regularly so you’ll get to meet lots of other event attendees and dance with lots of people socially! Rotating is encouraged but not required, of course. 



What’s the best way to get to the Washington Hall venue?
The First Hill Streetcar — actually drops off only a block and a half away from the venue!
Lyft / Uber — download the apps ahead of time – they usually are all over the hill, so you should be able to request one fairly easily.


What’s the parking situation?
— There is plenty of street parking throughout the neighborhoods surrounding the area. Carpooling is still recommended, however.


Do you have a coat check?
We unfortunately didn’t get enough volunteers to have a coat check, but there will be a coat room where you can leave your belongings and hang your coats on some coat racks. Otherwise, please feel free to keep them near you, as there will be some chairs around the ballroom that you can hang them off of! 

Is there a photobooth?
There will be a festive photobooth at the event, where you can either take a selfie, or jump in line with the photographer who will be taking photos during the two band breaks (a total of 40 minutes)!

Are tickets refundable / transferrable?
Tickets are not refundable, however, they ARE transferable! Email us for more info!